With the World Cup starting later today, all the talk has been about who will win the football tournament and how will England fare. Pundits, journalists, commentators and fans from all over the world will be tuning in, as well as over one million fans expected to travel to Qatar to cheer on their country. Millions will be spent by fans from every currency that is represented in the World Cup in just getting to Qatar, and that’s not even taking into consideration all the accommodation, food and drink expenditure either. Furthermore, about £5 billion has been spent on building or refurbishing all 8 stadiums around Qatar.

Lives, families and work places will also be completely disrupted for one month as the `beautiful game` once again, takes over the world. And to see so much vibrancy, colour, noise and huge crowds gathering together and waiting outside the grounds for the match to start, will be such a wonderful sight. And the excitement on every fan`s face [until their team is knocked out that is] will also be a sight to behold.

Even armchair supporters will get carried away with the emotions of the occasion. Armchair supporters are people who stay at home & watch the action on Television rather than going to the stadium or arena. During the next month, there will be many armchair supporters, including me, due to the expense but that won`t stop the excitement, especially if England are doing well. The impact football has on people`s lives is quite incredible.

But let`s now `blow the whistle` on football and now compare the difference when it comes to Jesus. Just to mention Jesus’ `name or talk about Jesus can get you into a lot of trouble unless His name is used as blasphemy, then of course, that`s OK. For many people, to get to church is only a bus, taxi or car ride away or even walking distance, yet, where are the Christians today? Yes, sadly, too many believers have gone missing and we can`t keep blaming Covid. Also, too many Christians will not travel a few miles to be in the presence of God, due to laziness, inconvenience or apathy yet `air miles` will `go through the roof` as ecstatic football fans will travel for hours just to be in the presence of their heroes.

Furthermore, our church offerings are significantly down as we continue to struggle to make `ends meet with Covid and the cost-of-living issues, yet a basic ticket a fan is willing to pay is about £250 [that`s  just for one match] and it gets more expensive as the tournament goes on. Yet, all the stadiums will be packed. There is so much money in football, yet missing in today`s local church.

And, oh to have big crowds waiting outside the church for the doors to open & the service to begin or churches packed once again. Moreover, God only impacts our lives when there is excitement and passion in our faith & belly. Are you an Armchair Supporter or are you a Spiritual midfielder who likes to get `stuck in` for God. For some of you, it`s time to get rid of the armchair and get involved in the action because with God, the results could be huge.   

Blessings Pastor Steve


  • Will you allow Jesus to disrupt your life so you can serve Him as He would want you too?
  • Are you dictating play in your Spiritual life or are you allowing Jesus to dictate play?