I was watching `The Pride of Britain` awards on ITV recently, a show committed to honouring people who showed Sacrificial Love by acting bravely or with extraordinary determination, in the circumstances they found themselves in. Yes, heroic people who gave everything to helping and saving others no matter what the cost was to them. It is very sobering to know that despite the atrocities carried out by so many today, there are still many good, caring and loving people in our world.

Up until a few years ago, every year when we entered November my mind would be preoccupied with Bonfire night, and then I immediately switch focus to my birthday [26th of this month]. But over the last few years and especially now I am at an age where I don`t want to celebrate my birthday anymore haha, my mind now immediately centres on Remembrance Sunday instead and those poignant commemoration services and in particular, the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance on BBC1. That`s what age does, it refocuses the mind.

Furthermore, I am `moved to tears` with the images on our screens and the emotional stories and experiences that encapsulates the incredible sacrifice that so many people made, for victory and for our freedom. As the pictures are displayed in various and captivating ways, I find it very hard not to get caught up in the magnitude of that sacrifice. So many people who also gave everything but this time for their country, no matter what the cost was to them personally. In today’s selfish world, it`s so refreshing to pay tribute to people who showed sacrificial love in horrific circumstances.

On Remembrance Sunday when we think about those who died on various battlefields around the world, I want to draw your attention to another battlefield, but this time `Calvary`, the `frontline` of utter horror and carnage, but where someone else showed Sacrificial Love, but not just for His country but for the whole world. Yes, Jesus `gave His all` as He sacrificed Himself on the Cross for our freedom: freedom from sin, freedom from hell, freedom from failure, freedom the devil’s clutches AND freedom `for all eternity` with Christ Himself.

On a day where we pay homage to those who `sacrificed everything` my prayer is that we will emulate those incredible soldiers who fought so courageously, and that we will serve our Lord courageously no matter what battles or Spiritual battles we encounter. Moreover, God is looking for Christians who will serve with a sacrificial love on the frontline of battle no matter what the cost is to them personally. So, on a day when `we must never forget`, let’s never forget the role we have to play in bringing victory and freedom into people`s lives for the Glory of God.      

Blessings. Pastor Steve



Sacrifice, amongst other things, is about the surrender of some – thing. What will you surrender, so your relationship with Jesus will be all that Christ wants it to be?