One of the best harvest verses in the bible is found in 1 Corinthians 3v6 which says `I [apostle Paul] planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow`.

And I want to reflect on 3 thoughts from this text.

1. We Are All Servants. We all have a duty to `plant a seed` which is to share the Gospel with those we meet. God never intended evangelism to be shared by 1 or 2 but by every Christian. We have no power in ourselves to convert but we are simply God’s mouthpieces and by His Holy Spirit, He uses us to extend His Kingdom. Remember, `when you sow, you will reap`.

2. We All Have Different Responsibilities.Some plant. Some water. Some reap. In other words, God uses us all but in many different ways, yet, we all have a purpose to perform. Some people have up-front ministries while others serve behind the scenes. Some go across the seas to share the gospel while others stay at home. Many speak in front of thousands while others prefer the one-to-one approach. But whatever the method, they are all important and vital in us fulfilling God`s work in bringing in the harvest of lost souls. Furthermore, whatever gifts you have or whatever your approach is, make sure you are being used for the glory of God.

3. We Are in It Together. We are not to compete against each other but to complement each other. We all need one another and each other`s gifts to carry out God`s work. When jealousy, envy or resentment `rear their ugly heads` then God`s work will be thwarted. It`s Christians working together that will bring about revival and see a `harvest of souls`. And remember, your `gift` is what you are good at and so I want to encourage you this Harvest to participate with God and with your church about bringing about a bumper crop!  

…Blessings Pastor Steve               

REFLECTION When was the last time you `harvested` for God? How did it feel and how will it inspire you to `sow more seeds` for the Kingdom of God?  

MEDITATION God is always looking for Spiritual growth in our lives. What areas have not been `watered` recently and are slowly dying? 

ACTION A seed won`t grow unless it’s been planted. Where is God calling you to `sow` in Swindon? What gift do you have that others could benefit from?