As I wondered about what to write for my article, the binmen suddenly appeared on my drive to collect my rubbish which immediately prompted my thoughts for this week. And as the dustmen tipped my wheelie bin into the cart freeing its contents, I found myself saying, `What a load of rubbish` especially as there is only two of us living at home.

`What a load of rubbish` is also a phrase that can often be heard today, maybe after watching a TV show, movie, your football team or reading over your essay [I said that a few times when I was at college]. It is certainly something I have said over the years too at Christmas when I took the lid off the already opened Quality Street tin and was greeted with empty sweet wrappers. That’s the price you pay for having children at home or being married to Debs lol.

Rubbish is `everywhere` and if we are not careful it will affect our lives and our health. Collecting rubbish is something we are all very good at which is evident when you move house. And collecting rubbish also applies to our Spiritual lives due to what we watch, look at, listen to or read as well as harmful relationships or friendships, bad habits, misplaced priorities and idolatry and before long, we have accumulated a lot of rubbish that needs disposing of. And if we don`t dispose of it, then our relationship with Jesus will be affected.

The dustmen collect our rubbish every two weeks but due to temptation and distractions we need our `personal` rubbish taken away DAILY. So, what do you need to `bin` in your Spiritual walk so God can `create in you a pure heart`? [Psalm 51:10] As I finish, `don`t forget to take out the rubbish`.   

Blessings Pastor Steve

REFLECTION What clutter is messing up your life and Spiritual life? What negative effect is it having on you and / or your family? Even just a little bit of rubbish can affect many areas of our lives.

MEDITATION As soon as Zacchaeus encountered Jesus, he immediately dealt with His `rubbish`. Luke 19:8. What do you need to deal with immediately?

ACTION Write down on a piece of paper the rubbish that is affecting your life. Then throw it in the bin ripping it up into pieces as you do. Then as the pieces fall, ask God to help you deal with your rubbish and empower you to overcome it all.