When Dan and Naomi were children, they would often ask me to catch them when they jumped off the stairs, chair or wall, but in their excitement of doing these `daring deeds`, they needed reassurance that I would not let them fall. [I can`t imagine why. Lol] And I would always respond with those comforting words: `Don’t worry, there`s a hospital nearby`, sorry, I mean `Trust Me`.

And `Trust Me` are two words that are often used to bring assurance or reassurance and also, which have the ability to instil belief. However, `Trust Me` can also have the opposite effect, especially if someone has a fickle track record. The definition of `trust` is to have a: `firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone` but in a `dog-eat-dog` world, that can be difficult to implement.

In Psalm 84:12, David writes `Blessed are those who TRUST in God` and personally, that brings me the peace I need especially with the unnerving Coronavirus currently dominating our lives. David also writes in Psalm 91:1, `That whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High [God] will rest in the shadow of the Almighty`. Heartening words indeed particularly as they imply that anyone who trusts in God will receive comfort, hope and have peace of mind. This verse does not mean that we will be immune `from all trouble` but that we will get God`s strength `in the trouble`.

In a world that is struggling to cope with diseases, tragedies, destruction and terrorism, it is reassuring to know that God is with us and that we can have a confidence and a hope in something greater than anything this world can ever offer us. When Christ died and rose again, it was God saying to us that you can `Trust Me` because if I can do the miraculous for Jesus then I can do anything for you or in the circumstances you find yourself in.

Furthermore, God will always do things contrary to the way we would like or think, but being in `God`s hands` is better than `taking matters into our own hands`. TRUST ME!  

Blessings. Pastor Steve                

REFLECTION Think of a time when God brought you through adversity. How can that experience encourage you when you are struggling, especially with the Coronavirus?

MEDITATION Where have you taken `matters into your own hands` recently? Maybe it`s time to `Trust God` more.              

ACTION Why not spend time pondering on David`s words in Psalm 91:1. It really will do you good.