A Mother`s Hands: long, delicate, gentle fingers that are never idle and always involved in some form of selfless work meeting the needs of the family. Never resting, never switched-off but always looking for what needs to be done, and from dawn to dusk those sensitive yet durable hands go into overdrive. Sacrificial hands that nurture, inspire, discipline, teach, train and provide but often with little thanks as they give so generously to others.

Furthermore, with so many mums working `full-time` too, their work is `never done` and often it`s `only the beginning` when they walk through the front door after a hard day`s shift. A Mother`s Hands make us feel important and loved, bring comfort when we feel sad or lonely, encourage us when life is tough, clap us or `pat us on our back` when we’ve done well and hands that release us or welcome us as we get older. Furthermore, fingers that `point us in the right direction`, give us a `clip round the ear` for discipline or simply place a plaster over a cut. A Mother`s Hands, irrespective of age, brings so much to our lives even when their fingers become wrinkled and worn.

And when I reflect on `A Mother`s Hands` my mind immediately goes to Mary`s hands. Yes, the Mother of Jesus who with `Open Hands` took on God`s challenge of raising the `Messiah`, who supported Jesus when He started His ministry, who so desperately wanted to nurse Jesus on the Cross and bring him down from off the Cross yet `her hands were tied`, but nevertheless, hands that wiped away her every tear to gaze upon the beauty of her Lord at Calvary, and poignantly, hands that would soon be free to touch the face of Jesus after His Resurrection. Yes, `There`s Something About Mary` to quote a movie title and on a day when we celebrate mothers, `There`s Something About Mums` too.

So, let`s be inspired to emulate them both by `reaching out OUR hands` to those we meet and like with Mary, use our hands to serve our Lord too. Yes, there is something very special about a Mother, so a BIG HAND to all Mum`s everywhere.   

REFLECTION Just as a mother`s work is never done, so our work in serving God is never done too. How will your mother`s hands [now or in the past] inspire you to greater service for your Lord?

MEDITATION When Christ was crucified on the Cross, His `nail-pieced` hands totally surrendered to the Will of God. What parts of your body do you need to totally surrender to your Lord?

ACTION Our hands have the ability to do almost anything. With this in mind, how can you use `your hands` this week, especially with coronavirus affecting our community?