With Germany having just celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the TV news coverage stirred many poignant memories for me. In 1984 and whilst on holiday to East and West Germany, I found myself camped by the Berlin Wall and from where my tent was positioned, I could peer through the cracks. The harrowing view made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as I watched the border guards patrolling parts of the 104 mile long wall, made all the more upsetting by the watchtowers, searchlights, patrol dogs, trip-wire booby traps and guards who were ready to shoot anyone who attempted to escape. But what was even more alarming was the thickness of the concrete wall as its formidable depth made the wall imposing and impregnable, but it was the eeriness especially at night, that made it incredibly chilling. It was a wall that took away the freedom and hope of the East German citizens.

And as I was thinking about the Berlin Wall this week, I found myself thinking about the Jericho Wall [Joshua 5 and 6], a wall that was also imposing, impregnable and chilling. And like the Berlin Wall, the Jericho Wall was also in the way of better things but this time, the Promised Land for the Israelites. Both walls seemed unconquerable but both walls eventually `came tumbling down` to quote the Christian song `Joshua fought the battle of Jericho`, proving that every wall however daunting, can be destroyed.

And I want these two events in history to impact our lives today because, and as the Israelites found out, `nothing is impossible with God` [Matt. 19:26], irrespective of how big your walls are. So, whether they are Spiritual walls or walls of hopelessness, pain, sadness, financial concerns, family issues or work stresses etc or you are simply `banging your head against a brick wall` don`t despair, because as the Israelites experienced, God always has a way to knock down a wall. He may not get you to blow a horn or march around Swindon for seven days but rest assured there is hope around the corner, for God will eventually make `your walls come tumbling down`.

Blessings Pastor Steve

REFLECTION What personal walls has God knocked down for you in the past that can help and inspire you when you are `climbing the walls`?

MEDITATION How can your walls comfort those who are struggling with their walls?Remember, God blesses you when you bless others.

ACTION Whenever you find yourself with your `back against the wall` is the time to be in God`s presence as this will bring you Spiritual freedom.