One thing I love doing but especially over Christmas is playing games. And whether they are board, electronic, verbal, written or physical games, they can all bring so much fun and laughter. But one game I hate playing is: `The Waiting Game`, the game of waiting for something to happen, waiting to get seen, waiting for someone to turn up, waiting for a letter to arrive or waiting for the children to tidy their room etc.

Furthermore, and if we are honest, we hate playing `the waiting game` because most of have an inbuilt switch that makes us impatient. And when it comes to Christmas, waiting can push many `over the edge` as we wait in queue after queue and then what is supposed to `speed things up` with online shopping from the comfort of our own homes, can cause just as much stress when periodically we are told to wait as `our order goes through`.

And when it comes to opening presents on Christmas Day, children can often find themselves `having to wait` too either for their parents to wake up or having to wait to play with an electronic toy because it plays havoc with grandma`s ear piece. We may even have to wait to watch our favourite programme over Christmas because of family demand.

Over 2000 years ago, waiting was high on the agenda too as God had to wait for Mary to accept His challenge, God also had to wait for Joseph to come round to the virgin birth idea, then the couple had to wait for a room to become available, Mary had to wait for Jesus to be born and then Mary and Joseph had to wait before it was safe to go back to their community.

Waiting…no one likes it, but it`s good for us because it teaches us patience, self-control and selflessness which are traits often sadly missing in our society, but above all, it teaches us to trust God like Mary and Joseph did. The Christmas message is about waiting amongst other things, so whenever you have to wait for God, as we all will at some point, remember that God is with you and that alone will take a huge weight off your mind.   

Blessings… Pastor Steve

REFLECTION How has `waiting FOR God` to answer your prayers in the past impacted you Spiritually? What areas of your faith have developed as a result of being patient?    

MEDITATION `Waiting ON God` [being still before God and listening to His voice] is a proactive stance of drawing near to God. How will this inspire you in 2020?

ACTION If you are currently playing `the waiting game` it is important to stay active, stay focused and stay positive. So why not pursue an activity or meet people that will encourage or inspire you during those difficult times.