Last Sunday afternoon was a sports fest of the highest quality. For any sport loving person, it was certainly a day to remember as Djokovic and Federer `served up` a tennis treat in a five-set marathon at Wimbledon. And simultaneously, Lewis Hamilton speedily `moved through the gears` in an entertaining British Grand Prix at Silverstone and of course, the World Cup cricket was in full `swing` at Lord`s featuring winners England and New Zealand.

Debs and I were glued to the men`s singles final but, and like with many other sports fans, when there was a pause in play, I was flicking between stations to watch the other action. And as I marvelled at these sporting superstars performing at the highest level, it was their passion to win at all cost that was far more compelling for me than the actual event.

Furthermore, Djokovic and Federer have won the Wimbledon title a mammoth 13 times between them. In motor racing Hamilton has won the British GP an incredible 6 times, yet their passion to win was quite extraordinary. Even at 37 and 8 Wimbledon titles behind him, Federer could not hide his disappointment at losing. Passion is `a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards someone or something`.

It`s a compelling feeling to achieve greatness or be the best in your field, it also makes people do crazy things, incredible things, even outrageous things. For Christians, passion is the essence of our faith as it was `Christ`s passion` that took Him to the Cross, it was His passion that reinstated Peter as a disciple and it is His passion for people that separates Christianity from all religions.

At a time when church attendance is dwindling and belief in Jesus declining, God is looking for more passionate believers. Passion stirs us into doing incredible things for our Lord, it empowers us to stay committed to the Gospel and it keeps us `standing firm` in our faith in a world that is becoming more and more Godless. The question is: `do you have the Passion FOR the Christ`?

Blessings, Pastor Steve

REFLECTION Are you just moving through the gears in your faith or are you in full swing, serving your Lord?        

MEDITATION What have you allowed to distract you from becoming the best that you can be for God?        

ACTION Sports people are always looking to improve. Challenge yourself to improve in ONE spiritual area over the summer…but `the ball is in your court`!

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