Whilst on holiday in Cyprus recently, Debs and I got to know a lovely Catholic Cypriot lady who had lived in the village of Lysos [where we were staying] for over 15 years. She owned the local café/supermarket with her husband and it was certainly the hub of the community. Her Godly personality was infectious and her love for people was very evident. The first time we met her I asked if she ever got bored of the beautiful scenery surrounding her coffee shop with the crystal blue sea and stunning mountain range?  She said and I quote, `I could never get bored of the view`.

As Debbie and I travelled the Paphos region I must admit, we could never get bored of the view either. Even if it was the same view or same road travelled or the scenery looked similar to other places we had visited, we could never get bored of the view. We just had to stop and admire it.

Sadly, so many Christians today easily get bored of the Spiritual view in front of them i.e. the view of praise, worship, bible reading, prayer, sermons, fasting, fellowship, church, bible study etc. Why? Because some Christians have become so accustomed to the view of worship and church life, that it doesn’t captivate their hearts as it once did and subsequently, it can become boring. As I have said many times, Christians are the most privileged people in the world yet, complacency and the familiar can destroy the passion.

If you need to, why not challenge yourself to admire the Spiritual scenery more often, because if you do, then you will `never get bored of the view`. Maybe it`s time to allow God to `Take My Breath Away` by opening your eyes to the spectacular that`s right before your very eyes.  

Blessings Pastor Steve

MEDITATION Has life or your circumstances distorted your view of God and church life? Do you need to take the blinkers off to experience the wonder of God more fully?

REFLECTION When was the last time God revealed Himself to you or spoke to you through His creation? God`s wonder is everywhere. What have you closed your eyes too? 

ACTION Cyprus grows every type of fruit imaginable. From grapes hanging above our heads to oranges growing by the roadside. The question is: what type of Spiritual fruit are you producing or do you not `give a fig`?

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