Once again, we see a change in Government as a new Prime Minster was elected. Yes, last week Rishi Sunak replaced Liz Truss who only recently replaced Boris Johnson and all in a matter of a few weeks. Yesterday, there was more change as the clocks went back. Over the past two years, we have seen more change as more and more people are working from home. The chaos surrounding Brexit with Britain leaving the E.U. has brought even more change. And not forgetting the fragile economy, the fuel crisis and the cost-of-living issues, which has brought more change, as major adjustments have been made to our lives. Additionally, work promotions, redundancy, unemployment, constant development in technology, children leaving home, the buying of new homes or new cars, bereavement, holiday destinations that can vary each year & ill-health, can bring further change to our lives. We can even change our supermarkets if there is a `better deal` around the corner. Yes, life is continually changing yet, people tell me, `they can`t cope with change`. And although a considerable amount of people do struggle with change, we`re much stronger coping with it than we give ourselves credit for. So, now, knowing how good you are at managing change, maybe it`s time to change things in your life too…because you can. For example; what about changing your social calendar, routines, mindset, outlook, priorities or habits to make more room for your Lord or to serve Jesus at a higher or greater level. Soon, we will be entering the Christmas season where we will, yet again, be affected by change, yet we don`t even `bat an eye lid`. Yes we are so well-rehearsed in preparing for Yuletide, we can accept change very well indeed but when it comes to serving or following Jesus, it can be a very different story. In the bible, when the disciples followed Jesus in His three-year ministry, they had to make so many changes to their lives notably, leaving their families, jobs and communities behind. Change can come at a cost. Is it a cost you are prepared to make for your Lord? I finish with this challenge:

Do you need to, `Ring the Changes` in your life?    

Blessings Pastor Steve



             We all have the ability to change our attitude, our outlook, our interests, even

             change aspects of our character. What needs modifying so the Holy Spirit

             dictates your life and not `change`?



             Challenge yourself this week to do something `against the norm` and see how

             you cope with change? It could be very liberating and the beginning of greater

             things for you both personally and Spiritually. Go on, give it a go!