Last week I was listening to an old Take That album [I know, I need to get out more] and there was one song in the midst of all the well-known sing-a-long hits that grabbed my attention more than any other tune. It was the 1993 song, `Relight My Fire` and the reason it attracted my attention was because of Pentecost Sunday. And with Pentecost dominating my thoughts over the past few weeks Relight My Fire was obviously going to `strike a chord` with me.

Three words that challenged my thinking about our relationship with God and how we need to raise the bar in our passion for God. With so much of the world`s issues troubling us and our own problems concerning us our Spiritual Fire can easily be extinguished if the Holy Spirit isn`t a dominant factor in our lives. It`s the Holy Spirit that will Relight My Fire for God. It`s the Holy Spirit that will empower me, strengthen me, guide me and motivate me into a fervent walk with my Heavenly Father, and it`s the Holy Spirit that will keep us close to God too.

Moreover, for many Christians their negative circumstances have `quelled the fire` within them and all that`s left is the `dying embers` of their faith. So, on Pentecost Sunday let`s ensure we `Fan into Flame the gift of God which is in us`, [2 Timothy 1:6] and if we do, the Holy Spirit will `breathe fire` into our lives and into our town too.

Blessings. Pastor Steve

REFLECTION In what areas of your life has the Holy Spirit been quelled?What things are causing your `Spiritual fire` to be extinguished? What will you do about it?

MEDITATION In what Spiritual areas need the most `poking` to ensure your heart keeps burning for God?

ACTION Write down all the `rubbish`that’s affecting your walk with God and then burn the paper. This will show God that you are serious about living passionately for Him.

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