I recently shared, that when Debs and I were in Cyprus recently, we visited the popular tourist attraction, `The `Adonis Baths`. [In Greek mythology Adonis was a man loved by Aphrodite] However, once we arrived, it not only cost 10 euros each to get in but the Baths were dirty, smelly and definitely not the prettiest location the leaflets led us to believe. As we drove away, we both said simultaneously, `they need to Pull the Plug on the Baths`.

And this saying made me think about areas in all of our lives where we need to `Pull the Plug` too. In others words,what do we need to discontinue, get rid of, abolish or end? With temptation almost around every corner, bad habits, bad decisions and bad behaviour corrupting our lives, `trying to fit in with the world` affecting our moral and Godly compass and harmful relationships having a detrimental effect on our Spiritual walk and personal lives, the question is: where do you need to, `Pull the Plug`? …

Blessings Pastor Steve

REFLECTION When was the last time you `came clean` with God about aspects of your life that are displeasing to Him?   

MEDITATION Where do you need to `clean` up your act for God?  

ACTION Jesus is the never-ending Fountain of Living Water. What procedures will you put in place to ensure your thirst for Him never dries up?

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