Last week I read an article about Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, who became the first person to play a DJ set from space to clubbers back on Earth. He played music on board the International Space Station which was streamed live to a cruise ship full of partygoers in the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore, not only was Luca `Out of this World` by performing in space, but he was also performing a spectacular `Out of this World` concert with a mixture of incredible imagination and ingenuity.

And all this made me think about what `Out of this World` Christian experiences could we be involved in or what spectacular things could we see for the Glory of God with just a bit more ingenuity and imagination.

When I read about David and his one-to-one with Goliath [1 Samuel 17:1-25] and his imagination and ingenuity in spectacularly defeating the giant with a stone and a sling, I often think about what would I have done in that situation. Would I have seen the spectacular too as a result of being inventive and creative?

I am convinced that God is wanting Christians to do more `Out of this World` acts, because we follow an `Out of this World` God who has such an `Out of this World` love and passion for people here on Earth and expects us to follow suit in how we glorify His name. So why not challenge yourself to do something incredible for your Lord and then `watch this space` as God performs wonders through it.   

Blessings Pastor Steve

REFLECTION When was the last time you `freed up some space` to do something remarkable in your faith? Make sure you find some `breathing space` in your schedules to hear the voice of God.    

MEDITATION Do you spend more time in your own `little world` than making a difference in the big world? 

ACTION Write down one remarkable thing you could do for God. It may not be rocket science but it could change someone’s world?

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