Whilst watching Britain`s Got Talent: The Champions last weekend, my mind wandered during some of the less memorable acts [of which there were a few] to one of the very first talent shows `Opportunity Knocks`. And although you have to be a certain age to know what I am talking about, in its heyday it had over 24 million viewers and 3 presenters during its life until it ended in 1990, but it was Hughie Green that made it famous with his catchphrase `I mean that most sincerely, folks`.

Opportunity Knocks gave people, yes, the opportunity to show off their talents, with only a few [notably Les Dawson] going on to become TV stars. Opportunity was there for anyone who wanted to perform whether they succeeded or not, but as with all talent shows, only the best went through.

And Opportunity Knocks here at Elim Christian Centre too for any Christian who wants to perform for their Lord, but unlike the show, you don’t have to be the best, just willing. Sadly, too many Christians get stage fright and miss the opportunity when opportunity is knocking. Moreover, opportunity is knocking here but like it is with so many churches, it`s only a handful of people who get on God`s stage and show off their talent. In Matt. 25:1430, the text is speaking to people who are hiding or wasting their talents to become good stewards of the gifts they have been blessed with and to use them effectively for God`s Glory and that anyone will be held accountable if they fail to do so. Tough words indeed.

So, what are you doing with your talents? I`m not expecting a `command performance` but simply to show the audience [the congregation] that you want to `be in on the act` for God. We all have talents and I want to use yours and `I mean that most sincerely, folks`.   

…Blessings Pastor Steve. 

REFLECTION God has blessed us with different talents. If you are not using yours, then what is that saying to God?And if you are, what more could you be doing?     

MEDITATION When was the last time your talents impacted someone’s life? How can that lasting impression spur you on to greater things?  

ACTION Write down things you are good at, pick one, pray over it, speak to me and then use it for God`s glory and who knows, you could be `a tough act to follow`.