If there is one part of the human body that always fascinates me, it is the hands. Our hands are one of the most complex but beautiful pieces of natural engineering, intricately designed to perform a whole range of tasks. But it is what our hands are capable of doing that really fascinates me, not so much the bone structure or the various shapes, colours and sizes.

Hands can demolish buildings or create an elaborate piece of art work, they can help with communication or stop the flow of traffic, they can launch a rocket into space or change a baby`s nappy. People even talk with their hands. Hands are incredible and can do just about anything, but so often, just taken for granted.

I am currently watching The Great Pottery Thrown Down on TV and I`m always amazed by what people’s hands can accomplish once given a lump of clay. As a carpenter, Jesus`s hands made furniture [Mark 6:3] and then in His ministry His hands comforted the women [Luke 23:28] and blessed the children [Mark 10:13-16], His hands brought sight to the blind [Mark 10:46-52], restored the High Priest`s servants ear after Peter cut it off [Luke 22:50-51], fed the 4000 [Matt.15] and 5000 [Mark 6], helped Zacchaeus climb out of a tree [Luke 19:1-10] overturned the tables in the Temple [Matt. 21:12-13] and then nails pierced His beautiful hands as He hung on the Cross taking all of our sins upon Himself [Luke 19:17-18], and then after Christ`s Crucifixion, Thomas`s belief was restored after he touched the nail marks on Jesus`s hands [John 20:24-27].

What are your hands capable of? Every day our hands perform duty after duty yet so often, our hands have stopped working in our duty to God. Every day our hands are serving ourselves, yet we can easily stop serving God. And every day our hands are constantly `on the go`, yet our hands can easily become idle to the things of God. We may only have `One Pair of Hands` but it`s amazing what we can do with them. So, my challenge is this: if you are not using your hands to serve God at E.C.C. then make sure you `lend a hand` where and when you can. It may be time to `get your hands dirty`.

Blessings, Pastor Steve            

REFLECTION Have you stopped using your hands to serve God? Why? Are people or your church missing out due to your reluctance to serve or help? 

MEDITATION Where have your hands encouraged, supported, comforted or inspired others? What could God be saying to you about using your hands to serve Him at a great level?

ACTION We are all good with our hands. What talents could you be `handing over` to your church?