I adore that dress` was a phrase I overheard someone say when walking around a department store recently. And that saying epitomises a society that really loves to adore. For example, many people adore buying clothes, jewellery or that electronic device, while others adore a sporting hero or pop idol. Numerous people adore their families and loved ones while some even adore the renovations they make to their home.

Christmas is a time when we like to adore too. Most people adore all the Christmas fun, trimmings, food and celebrations and above all, the presents. And of course, many adore the Boxing Day sales, not forgetting `New Year`s Eve as people adore the festivities and parties. The world adores much at Christmas but sadly, our emotions, desire and wishes can make us lose focus of what Christmas is really all about.

The word `ADORE` comes from the Latin word Adorare which means `to worship` and the Carol, `O Come All Ye Faithful` encourages us to adore our Lord and not a new dress or iPad. However, and especially over Christmas, we can easily love and worship the wrong things and it can be more like, `O Come Let Us Adore IT rather than the`Christ of Christmas`.

Furthermore, `O, Come, All Ye faithful` has three aims in mind for the carol singer: Adore Him, Adore Him, Adore Him. But why should we adore him? Because it’s a requirement from God and our duty to Him and as we have been called to fill the earth with the glory of God and having been created in His image, we are instructed to reflect God’s glory.

Moreover, our main purpose in life is to magnify the Lord through our adoration but if we ignore him rather than adore him, then there will always be a void in our lives because it’s our adoration of Jesus that brings us alive. At the very first Christmas, Mary and Joseph adored their new baby and then Mary sang a song to show how much she adored Jesus.

As we get ready to celebrate the `BIG DAY`, let’s remember: `Tis the season to`…ADORE Him. `O Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord`.    

Blessings Pastor Steve  

REFLECTION To adore God means to worship Him without reservations. When was the last time your emotions made you fall on your knees in reverence to God?   

MEDITATION What areas in your life are stopping you from loving God as you should? How can Mary`s love for God provoke you to a greater love for God?   

ACTION When Mary sang after Jesus was born it was to glorify God. What will you do this Christmas to show your love for God?