Love is all around but there`s no sign of it in the motor trade` was a funny quote I read recently. And those words could probably apply to many businesses and organisations too.

Sadly, love is missing in so many aspects of life but on the other hand, `love is all around` as 80`s pop group Wet Wet Wet sang. Everywhere you go, you can see people `all loved up` and of all ages too, either holding hands, kissing, hugging, staring in to each other`s eyes, even cuddled up on the back of a bus.

But love can be seen in other ways too i.e.: opening the door for someone, buying groceries for an elderly person or cutting your neighbours grass etc. February is traditionally a month when love really `comes to town` especially like it did on Friday on Valentine’s Day. Yes, a day when people are either talking about love, showing love, expressing love or consumed by love. A day when people only have `eyes for their loved one`, which is shown through the giving of gifts, marriage proposals, red roses, chocolates, jewellery or a romantic meal etc.

Valentine’s Day may be a special day for you or it just `rubs salt into your delicate wounds`, but no matter what your relationship status is, remember that we are all loved by a God who loves unconditionally and is passionately `in love with us` too but who also encourages us to `love Him with all our heart, soul and mind`. [Matt.22:37]

With Valentine’s Day gone for another year let`s instead focus on the `Lord`s Day`, and be inspired to spread God`s love to all those we meet. Furthermore, because God`s `Love is all around`, He wants everyone to experience it and that responsibility falls on all Christians, so make sure you are fulfilling your duty. Finally, whatever Valentine’s Day or weekend means to you, remember, God wants you to be `head over heels` in love with Him!

Blessings Pastor Steve

REFLECTION How can God`s love for you affect the way you love, worship, serve or honour Him?          

MEDITATION What areas in your `Spiritual love life` are causing you to `lose heart` in your relationship with God? Allow Christ`s love, that took Him to the Cross for you, inspire you to go deeper in love with Him.  

ACTION Challenge yourself during February [the month of love] to show love to one person either a neighbour or someone in church and bless them with a little gift. You may even brighten up someone`s life. Give it a go!