Just recently, I drove into Osborne Street [where our church is situated] and saw a van with the words `Just Ask` on the side of it. And the word `Just` prompted me to think about other sayings beginning with the word `Just`, i.e. Just in case, just my luck, just a second, just in time, just married, just the ticket, just desserts, just wait a minute, just right, just add water, just around the corner, just the same and for the older generation, comedian Tommy Cooper`s favourite, `Just like that`.

Furthermore, `Just Eat` is an advert that appears on our TV screens encouraging us to order our food online and of course, the most well-known saying of all is, `Just Do It` which is Nike`s sportswear slogan. `Just` is a common word and with numerous meanings too such as: `fair, morally right, now or very soon.

In the bible, `Just` appears many times too: the Disciples Just followed Jesus [Luke 5:1-11]and they also Just served their community [Book of Acts], Mary and Joseph just obeyed God and another Mary just sat at Jesus`s feet engaged in His teaching whilst her sister Martha,just served and waited on Jesus [Both, Luke 10:38-42], and Abraham just got up and did what God`s commanded him to do which was to go to the Promised Land [Canaan] [Genesis 12].

And the question I want to ask you today is: What is your JUST? Just get involved in church life? Just hoover and clean the church? Just help out? Just offer your time? Just volunteer? Just praise God more? Just pray more? Just encourage someone? Just `let go` of the past? Just honour God? Or `Just do something`?

Additionally, the wonderful hymn, `Just as I Am` captures the very essence of serving God and living for Him. It`s not about how talented we are or how great Spiritually we are but how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary work. And `Just as I Am` is exactly how God wants you. So why not challenge yourself to do something or do more for your Lord `Just Because You Can` and maybe it will be, `just what the doctor ordered. `   

Blessings Pastor Steve

REFLECTION Just for Starters. Are you serving God as God expects? If not, why not? God EXPECTS us ALL to serve Him in some capacity.

MEDITATION Just Ask. Think and pray over about what you are good at and then Ask me how you can serve your God in your church.

ACTION Just Do It. This seems so easy to implement but can be so difficult to adopt as it signifies action, belief and determination. For some of you, it is time to `get on with it` and stop procrastinating.