So, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. Yes, Autumn is truly here and with all its wonder, but darkness also plays a significant role in this season too. Yes, we are certainly `In the Dark` a lot more at this time of year and those long summer evenings of just a few weeks ago are just a distant memory.

But unfortunately, Autumn can be symbolic of our world today. Darkness is really drawing in and to an unprecedented level as the devil turns up the heat causing devastation at an all-time high. But for Christians, and despite it being an unsettling time, we have an assurance that God is in control. So, I want to encourage you all to keep `Shining the Light` of God`s wonder and not hide it in a time of adversity and uncertainty.

The world needs Christians more than ever before and Christ expects us to be that LIGHT. In Matthew 5:14 it says that, `we are the light world` and that`s because we BELONG to the `Light of the World`. So, in a season when car headlights are turned on earlier, indoor house lights are switched on more often and torches used more frequently, let`s make sure we are `shining the light` too.

Furthermore, if OUR `light goes out` it will have a devastating and negative impact on our communities. So, I encourage you all to keep telling the world about Jesus Christ and sharing the Gospel message at every opportunity, because the world really is `In the Dark` regarding Jesus` love and His promised `Second-Coming`.   

Blessing Pastor Steve

REFLECTION Where have you allowed the `light` to go out in your faith? If you allow darkness to fall upon your Spiritual life, you won`t see what God is up too.

MEDITATION If you have been `in the dark` recently over what God is saying to you, then maybe you need to allow Him more time and space to `shed some light` on what He is revealing to you.

ACTION The light can easily remove the darkness by the `flick of a switch`. What could you do at a `flick of a switch` to bring light into someone`s life?