Debbie and I have recently started watching the programme `The Repair Shop` which is currently on BBC2. It is a series about expert craftsmen who use their talents to repair treasured antiques or anything that needs restoring to its former glory, and although many of the items are `in pieces`, no job is too big, too difficult or turned away. We both find it fascinating to see skilled men and women either patching up, mending or renovating historic objects that seem to be past their best. And the transformation is always incredible as something that`s only `fit for the bin` is so beautifully returned to its original state.

Furthermore, I am sure we have all attempted to repair things in the past but I’m more prone to throwing the damaged item away than spending hours trying to fix it, which sadly is the mindset of our culture today. But what The Repair Shop has shown me is that anything can be repaired however damaged it is.

Do you ever feel broken, damaged or feel you are beyond repair? Good News. God, the `greatest craftsman` says that you are never too broken to be restored. You are never too damaged to be repaired. You are never too shattered to be fixed. In fact, Jesus says `see I am doing a new thing` [Rev. 21:5] as no job is too difficult for Him.Remember, brokenness has the power to bring beauty and Christ has the power to bring beauty into our broken lives too. So, if you are `in pieces` today, allow the Master Craftsmen the time to work on you but don`t rush him as with any craftsperson, and one day you will be `looking like new` once again. Moreover, the Holy Spirit can treat any type of damage so `don`t despair, just wait for the repair `. 

Blessings Pastor Steve                              

MEDITATION God has all the tools He needs to repair any damage. Maybe it`s time to let Him work on you rather than attempting to `fix` yourself.     

REFLECTION Allow Jesus` words, `see I am doing a new thing` to bring you peace when life is difficult.          

ACTION When Jesus was `in pieces` before His Crucifixion He spent time alone with God [Matt.26:42]. In your busy lives,make sure you spend time to be alone with your Lord, so to gain the strength to face the broken areas of your life whenever they arise.