The words `I WILL` is a common phrase but I wonder how often it is carried out during the course of the day? And although many `I Will`s` are accomplished many are overlooked due to more pressing issues. And on that note, I want to focus your thoughts on Psalm 101 and challenge you to make sure these `I WILL`s` are carried out so you can live the Christian life that God expects.

Whenever I read Psalms three things happen: They challenge me, comfort me or encourage me. And today, I want to focus on the challenging aspect of Psalm 101:1-5 as I reflect on 5 of David`s `I WILL`s.

1. I WILL sing of your love [v1]. What a challenge when things don`t go our way or we feel God has abandoned us. David struggled with many challenges but he could still write, `I WILL sing of your love`.

2. I WILL be careful to lead a blameless life [v2]. David is challenging us to be careful in `what we say, what we do and how we do it`.

3. I WILL lead a life of integrity in my own home [v2]. The home is where many people struggle to live a life of integrity as everything is `out of view` from others. David prayed, `how I need your help Lord`.  

4. I WILL refuse to look at anything vile [v3]. Let’s get real here. The TV, computer, devices and mobile phones are constantly on and we are regularly bombarded by sex, violence, bad language, inappropriate behaviour and immoral living etc. David is challenging us to `be strong in our convictions` because immoral, sinful behaviour will have a negative impact on us.

5. I WILL not tolerate people who slander their neighbour [v5]. The word `neighbour` is not about the person who lives next to you but anyone we come into contact with. How often do we hear people moaning about others? David is challenging us to speak highly of others, to encourage others and to be a blessing to others.

These 5 `I Will`s` from David are God inspired and although they are 5000 years old, they are still relevant for us today. Furthermore, I challenge you to say, `I WILL do my best to live by them` all the days of my life.

  …Blessings Pastor Steve        

REFLECTION `I Will` is a promise to do something and when we fulfil our duty there is a sense of satisfaction. How can that satisfaction inspire you to do more for God?

MEDITATION When we say to God `I Will` but fail to act on it can thwart God`s work. What do you need to improve on so God can trust what you say?

ACTION Write down two `I WILL` actions that you struggle with and over the next week aim to fulfil your promise. It could have a huge impact on you and on others.