Throughout life there are many decisions that need to be made whether it`s: at work, at home, at school or college, booking a holiday, making dinner, what TV programme to watch, what to wear, what bus to catch or what supermarket to go to and the big one, how many Weetabix do I have for breakfast.

And although some decisions are easier to make than others, decisions have to be made. Today Ricky and Helene are following in a very long line of people who have also made a decision, a decision to follow Jesus Christ, but not just a decision but an incredible response to God`s call on their lives.

But of course, it`s not just a decision for today, it`s a decision for life. When anyone goes through the waters of Baptism and declare their love for Christ then that decision should be forever. Sadly, that`s not always the case, and so my baptism challenge to Ricky and Helene and for all of us who have ever gone through the waters of Baptism, is to continue remaining loyal to the decision you made to your Lord on your Baptism day.

In other words, keep going in your Christian faith because and after all, on that momentous occasion when we `died to ourselves` and `became a new creation in Christ`, we declared to the watching world: `I Have Decided to Follow Jesus` and as this amazing song says, `no turning back, no turning back`.

Ricky and Helene, your baptism today is the beginning of an incredible journey with your Lord but remember, that whatever life throws at you, make sure you `keep looking to the Cross before you` because that will be your inspiration for every day, and that applies to all of us this morning who love the Lord.    

Blessings Pastor Steve

REFLECTION Think about your decision to follow Christ. How has your `act of obedience` impacted your life since? How can your salvation stir you more passionately to share your faith with others?        

MEDITATION What areas in your life need attention? Even when we make a decision to follow Jesus, we are still tainted by the world. Where do you need to `take the plunge` to keep your relationship right with God?   

ACTION Ricky and Helene are getting baptised to show their commitment to Christ. What will you do to show your commitment or recommitment to your Lord?

    NB Pride is the NO:1 factor why people won`t follow Christ. Without Jesus there will never be total fulfilment and always a void in our lives.