A couple of years ago Debs and I went to see ABBA MANIA which is a tribute act to the famous pop group. It was a great spectacle especially as everyone sang along to ABBA`s popular songs from Angel Eyes to Waterloo. Even I found myself singing along to those jolly lyrics even waving my arms in the air at one point. But what I loved most was when everyone was singing together, with Voulez-Vous living long in the memory.

Singing is something most people love to do as it makes us feel good and it can even make us forget our problems for an album length of time. And wherever you go people are singing, either at work, sporting events, driving, cycling, hoovering, ironing, gardening, in the shower or in a lift [which is really annoying]. And with TV shows like X factor, Eurovision Song Contest and The Voice makes you realize just how much people love to sing.

And if there is one time in the year when people love to sing, it`s at Christmas. And whether it`s singing festive songs at the office party, singing karaoke Christmas hits in the pub, doing carol singing on the streets, singing carols at church or simply singing along to the Christmas CD in Argos, singing is in full swing in December.

In a world full of sadness, scepticism, confusion and terrorism singing makes us happy, joyful and inspired. 2000 years ago, singing was high on the agenda at that first Christmas too as the Angels came `praising God` and the Shepherds also `praised God` after seeing baby Jesus. I can also imagine Joseph singing after the birth and of course, Mary would have sung to send baby Jesus to sleep.

However, people can `lose their song` at Christmas due to the busyness of it or because of the sadness they have experienced at this time of year or throughout the year. But I want to encourage you all that whatever emotions you have to find time to `sing praises to your Lord`, because singing to God makes us come alive and brings us reassurance that God is with us.

So whatever 2019 has brought you or whatever 2020 will bring you or however bad your voice is, remember to keep singing to your Lord as this will lead you to be `Head Over Heels` [another ABBA hit] in love with Him and when we are `head over heels` in love with Him it really does put life into perspective .  

Christmas Blessings

Pastor Steve

REFLECTION How has singing to God helped you in the past? How can your `singing` experiences help increase your level of worship next year?

 MEDITATION In what areas, if any, have you `lost your song`? How can the Nativity Story of hope, peace, joy, the unexpected and the awesome power of God encourage you when life is tough?

ACTION The manger, the stable and a donkey were God`s simple ways of bringing Hope to the world. What simple ways could you bring hope to your community?