During Christmas, food occupies our minds and mouths on a regular basis. If we aren’t eating breakfast, lunch or dinner or tucking into a late-night snack, you can `bet your bottom dollar` we are munching on sweets, chocolates, peanuts, crisps, mince pies, biscuits, Christmas cake, even leftover cold turkey etc. Christmas can certainly bring about a `Santa belly` if we are not careful.

At a time in the calendar when we constantly `feast our eyes on` the treats and goodies in front of us, we can easily overlook the `treats and goodies` God has for us too: His Blessings. His Peace. His Joy. His Love. His Hope. His Guidance. His Care. His Attention. His Wonder that`s all around us. His Purpose for our lives. His Provisions. His Faithfulness. His Friendship. His Beauty radiating over us and His Power enabling us.

So, with Christmas `well and truly upon us`, and preparations `well and truly under way` let`s not get so consumed with food, but challenge yourself to: `feast your eyes on` God`s Word, chew over His teachings, digest all His splendour, over-indulge on the Holy Spirit, tuck into His Heavenly delights and fill up on His Glory.

So, during Advent, make sure you `feast your eyes on` Jesus and if you do, I can assure you that you will be better equipped to `stomach` whatever 2023 throws up. Christmas Blessings to you all… HO.HO.HO.  

Pastor Steve


When the shepherds arrived at the stable for Jesus` birth 2000 years ago, they were overwhelmed by His wonder, presence and beauty. So, allow Jesus` wonder, presence and beauty to overwhelm you too, this Christmas. Don`t be so busy you miss them!