So, yesterday was officially Firework Night although it  tends to be more like, `Fireworks month` if our neighbourhood is anything to go by. I always like a good fireworks display, even more so, if I do it myself. I find the best place for a good, free fireworks display is on the M4. Coming home from Luton yesterday, there are so many free displays to watch, which is not ideal if you are driving but great for the passengers. My `motto` is: `More fireworks the better, the louder, even better`.

I love the displays, the noise, the fire, the sparklers, the food and `wrapping up` from the cold and more often than not, sheltering from the rain, and despite coming away with a neckache, you just can`t beat a great fireworks show. The best display I have ever seen was when I lived in Nottingham, and near Trent Bridge Cricket Ground was the `display of all displays`. It was like being in the `Blitz` such was the noise and how the sky `lit up`. Brilliant. Spectacular. And very, very loud.

As I thought about the fireworks this week, I was reminded how, as Christians, we should be like a firework: colourful in a dark world, making a noise for God and brightening up your neighbourhood by sparkling for Jesus. And although fireworks night is officially over, unofficially they will continue for a while yet, and if England do well in the world Cup in Qatar in the coming weeks, they will probably be let off again. And so, I want to challenge you all that whenever you see a firework go off into the night time sky, or think about the display you saw yesterday, or remember a display from the distant past, or see a leftover sparkler lying around the kitchen, or see a failed Catherine Wheel still attached to your fence or a used rocket that`s landed in your garden, get FIRED up and make a wonderful DISPLAY of God`s love to the people you meet.

Furthermore, everyone gets attracted and mesmerised by a wonderful firework display, and if you show off God`s wonder, people will be attracted TO you and mesmerised BY you too. Finally, don`t be a like a dud firework that goes out with a whimper, but be like a 150-shot firework barrage that illuminates the sky. So, go out this week and captivate your community by Display God`s Love in a very dark world.


Pastor Steve


REFLECTION When was the last time you SPARKLED for Jesus? What impact did it have on those around you?                                                   

ACTION Challenge yourself to display more of God`s love by brightening up a life this week. It could be through a card, a coffee, a cuddle or a chat.