As many will know, the Cricket World Cup is taking place and thanks to Alan, I have taken a real interest in it. Words I never thought I would say but yes, `I’ve been watching the cricket`. And as with every sport it has its own language, phrases, puns, terms and abbreviations such as bowled, LBW, overs, wide, slip, stumped, delivery, howzat and boundary to name just a few of hundreds. And then of course we come to the `innings` [the period in the game in which a team or player bats] and if the batsmen / batswomen go on to score well then that is perceived as a good innings.

A good innings can also describe a person who has died but lived a long, fruitful and successful life. But I also want to go one step further, because a good innings for a Christian is when at the end of time God says to them, `well done, good and faithful servant`. [Matt.25:23] And a servant in this case is someone who lived passionately for their Lord, who persevered in times of trial, served irrespective of the cost, commitment and sacrifice and who proclaimed the Gospel at every opportunity.

Furthermore, Cricket is about staying `in` for as long as you can without getting bowled out or caught out. [Warning: pun alert]. The Christian faith is also about endurance but sadly, too many Christians when `hit for six` bail OUT on God rather than keep batting away and sadly, fail to get anywhere near the boundary of God`s Kingdom. God is looking for people who refuse to give in when stumped and who will go on to claim their trophy, which is eternity with Jesus. Over and Out.   

Blessings Pastor Steve

REFLECTION How’s `your Spiritual innings` going so far? What part of your `game` needs improving for God?

MEDITATION When was the last time you were bowled over by God`s love? How can that experience encourage you to stay focused when the wickets are falling in your life?

ACTION God is looking for people who are an `all-rounder`. These are versatile people who will try their hand at more than one thing. How could you serve God more in your church and community?

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